Metallographic Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine

Our ACCURA 102 is an advanced high-end grinding and polishing system, which has robust construction on dual columns for applications requiring extremely flat specimen surfaces. Suitable for both Ø250 and Ø300 mm applications. Motorized positioning of the Head in vertical (Z) and horizontal (X) axes with memory function. Precise control of the force applied. Combined with an optional grinding depth measurement system. Ability to store and recall preparation programs on the LCD screen. Efficient control of consumable consumption by optional integrated Peristaltic Dispensing Unit. Transparent cover for improved safety and working area.

Key Benefits

  • Precise, robust, and reliable
  • Motorized sample holder positioning
  • The very powerful base motor
  • Precise force loading
  • Quick sample holder replacement mechanism
  • Half-round rotation feature
  • 7” HMI touchscreen controls
  • Soft and stop feature
  • Automatic disc cleaning and drying feature
  • Material removal measurement
  • Barcode scanner
  • Dosing module

ACCURA 102 has advanced techniques and software with programmable colored HMI touch screen controls increasing productivity, sample consistency, and operator comfort. It is used to prepare high volumes of metallographic, ceramic, and mineralogical specimens with consistently reproducible quality. Both “Central’ and /or “Individual” forces can be applied and single samples as well as multi–samples can be accommodated. Thus, offering a perfect solution for all levels of sample throughput requirements. The specimen mover head has motorized positioning in horizontal and vertical directions with memory function.

The force on the specimen ‘individual” or “central” is pneumatically controlled by a pressure transducer. An optional grinding depth measurement system allows you to measure the amount of material removed from the surface. The desired grinding depth can be set to grind different types of samples and also for applications that need special accuracy.

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