High-end analyser, designed for automatic and precise determination of O/N/H

All state-of-the-art detectors used in the G8 GALILEO are equipped with internal reference channels for utmost stability and allow detection limits in a sub-ppm range (based on 1g sample mass). Our 3+ analysers in one single system, whether the task is O/N/H analysis with real H2-detection by TCD, reliable sub-ppm determination of H in high purity Al, diffusible and residual Hydrogen in welds, or argon inclusion analysis of powder feedstock for additive manufacturing, or final parts: the G8 GALILEO can be equipped to fulfill almost every analytical challenge.

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable, maintenance-free performance without drift
  • Advanced water-cooled electrode furnace with FusionControl, water-cooled sample port, and high-capacity dust trap, followed by efficient in-line particle filtering
  • Smart Molecule Sequence™: Direct and unadulterated measurements of all emitted gases by state-of-the-art detectors with reference channels
  • Automatic furnace cleaning, the crucible, and sample handling are available
  • Unique external IR furnace for diffusible hydrogen determination available
  • Automatic and reliable gas calibration with ten different volumes available
  • Thermal Desorption Mass Spectroscopy (TDMS) and argon inclusion analysis available by MS coupling
  • Planned maintenance, according to your requirement

With our G8 GALILEO analyser, we are the only supplier that offers fully integrated ONH solutions combining the benefits of multiple dedicated systems without any analytical compromise or technical limitations. The G8 GALILEO applies the Smart Molecule Sequence™ for direct measurement of all emitted gases and real 1:1 information – without chemical transformations, mathematical corrections, or unpublished algorithms. FusionControl, the ongoing contact-free temperature measurement of the sample ensures the right analysis temperature, avoiding the formation of interfering products and increasing stability and uptime.

Options for automatic sample and crucible handling, electrode cleaning, and automatic gas dose calibration are available. When equipped with the unique IR furnace of the G4 PHOENIX, performing reliable diffusible, residual, and total hydrogen measurements and complies with ISO 360 and AWS A4.3 standards for welding.

Why do I need Inert Gas Fusion Analysis?

The three non-metals Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N), and Hydrogen (H) determine the quality, service life, and mechanical properties of all metallic materials. Unlike metallic alloy components, the amount of O, N, and H sometimes changes considerably along the entire process chain, from the production of raw materials to the completion of the finished product. Similar applies to argon inclusions, introduced at a trace level during metal powder production by atomisation that will remain in the final product.

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