Metallographic Automatic Abrasive Cutting Machine

SERVOCUT 302 is an advanced universal metallographic cutting machine for cutting a wide range of materials.

Our SERVOCUT 302 has a robust and reliable design with low noise and emission levels. The modern and sturdy design with a powerful 4 kW cutting motor ensures fast and efficient cutting through the hardest and most complex materials with precise motor-driven axis controls.

SERVOCUT 302 automatic models have advanced techniques and software with programmable HMI touchscreen controls increasing productivity, sample consistency, and minimizing operator intervention. Control of the X/Y/Z Axis can also be performed with the ergonomic proportional Joystick that offers smooth and precise positioning.

Key Benefits

  • Modern and robust design
  • Small footprint, large cutting capacity
  • Powerful cutting motor
  • Efficient sample cooling and filtration
  • Instafeed cutting (Auto Feedrate)
  • Advanced cutting methods
  • X-Y-Z three axes cutting capability
  • Extraordinary access for easy handling
  • Rapid pulse cutting
  • Table oscillating cutting
  • Combined cutting
  • Easy operation with touch screen and joystick
  • Magnetic collector rod set
  • Fumefilter, fume, and mist-removing unit
  • Advanced cutting features for difficult workpieces
  • Programmable with coloured HMI touchscreen controls
  • Ergonomic Joystick control offers excellent application versatility
  • Most versatile metallographic cutting machine in its class   

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