Fully Automated High-Volume Metallographic Sample Preparation System

VELOX 102 Fully Automatic Programmable Grinding/Polishing System is developed for operator-free sample preparation for high volume sample throughput starting from planar grinding to Fine grinding/polishing/fine polishing/cleaning and drying. You only need to place the sample holders in the auto-feed system, select the program number for your specific application and depress the “Start” button. That’s it! Your samples will be ready for analysis fully automatically.

Key Benefits

  • Planar grinding station
  • Fine grinding/polishing station
  • Fully automatic sample cleaning and drying station
  • Fast automatic grinding/polishing disc replacement system
  • Automatic sample holder replacement & feeding system
  • Automatic peristaltic dosing unit.

It is possible to queue up to 6 sample holders during operation for non-stop sample preparation.

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