About SPS Calibration Services

SPS Calibration Services provides service and backup for products supplied by the SPS scientific division. We employ an impressive team of qualified technologists, technicians, and other technical staff, with considerable formal training and experience.

Regular visits to overseas suppliers and manufacturers for additional training ensure that our service and support staff are kept up-to-date with the latest developments in the market.

Our well-equipped team in this department is capable of servicing, calibrating, and supplying backup support to various types of laboratory equipment. SPS Calibration Services is a SANAS Accredited Laboratory for FORCE and HARDNESS.

SANAS Accredited number 816 for Force and Hardness, click here for more details

We support and service the following products/equipment:

  • Analytical equipment
  • Electron optics
  • Electron microscopy
  • Construction, civic, pave, and roads equipment
  • Atomic force microscopy
  • Sample preparation equipment
  • Surface and dimensional analysis equipment
  • Material testing equipment
  • Hardness testing equipment
  • NDT testing equipment
  • Biomedical research and material testing equipment
  • Coal analytical equipment
  • Vibration and environmental testing equipment

We are here to support you, from repairs and services, spare parts, and also our service agreements.

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