Analytical Equipment 

Optical Emission Spectrometers

Q4 POLO – Compact Multi-chip Spark Spectrometer

The Q4 POLO is the high precision metal analysis spectrometer with a low cost of ownership. It is a ready-to-analyze sample from day one, covering all your related elements. This instrument provides high uptime, low maintenance, and hassle-free operation.

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Q4 TASMAN Series 2 – Advanced multi-chip benchtop spectrometer

The new Q4 TASMAN Series 2 is an advanced benchtop spark-Optical Emission Spectrometer for the entire metals industry. With many improvements, it combines reliability and outstanding analytical performance with a […]

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Q8 MAGELLAN – High-end spark – OES spectrometer for primary metal process – and quality control

The new generation of the Q8 MAGELLAN spectrometer is setting new standards for stability, flexibility, ease of use, and analytical functionality for the elemental analysis of metals. Key benefits: Each […]

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Q6 NEWTON – High-Performance Benchtop Spark Spectrometer for Metal Analysis

Fast, Reliable and Always Ready!The Q6 NEWTON is an advanced OES solution designed for metallurgists and technicians to analyse the alloy composition of metals. It incorporates HighSense™ detection technology, SmartSpark™ […]

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Handheld XRF Analysers

S1 TITAN Handheld XRF Analyzer

Our S1 TITAN is a lightweight and rugged handheld XRF analyser. Fast analysis, speed, and exceptional accuracy are essential attributes that help define the innovative S1 TITAN. This portable instrument […]

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TRACER 5 Portable XRF Spectrometer

TRACER 5 is our high-performing handheld XRF spectrometer for your demanding analysis. This portable instrument has a wide range of matrix-matched calibrations that can measures up to 48 elements.  Our […]

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ON/H Analysers


Our innovative G4 PHOENIX DH hot extraction analyser is the right solution for accurate and rapid diffusible hydrogen measurement to avoid embrittlement, hydrogen-induced cracking, and other costly failures. The highly […]

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High-precision, easy-to-use, and robust Inert Gas Fusion analyser Our innovative G6 LEONARDO is a high-precision, compact, and easy-to-maintain system for oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen with the inert gas fusion method […]

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High-end analyser, designed for automatic and precise determination of O/N/H All state-of-the-art detectors used in the G8 GALILEO are equipped with internal reference channels for utmost stability and allow detection […]

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