Preclinical Imaging Systems


Adaptive diagnostic CT The U-CT system is high-speed and can scan a mouse’s total body in 5 seconds with ultra-low radiation doses, down to less than 2 mGy whole-body. By […]

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We offer the highest flexibility in optical imaging. Starting out with a stand-alone system, one can add integrated CT, PET, and/or SPECT. These unique possibilities provide the flexibility you need […]

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Ultra-high-definition focused and whole-body PET Our system can perform quantitative 3D functional imaging of PET tracers at < 0.6 mm resolution. This unique and multi-patented system allows for both focused […]

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Ultra-high-resolution SPECT

Ultra-high-resolution SPECT Our innovative system can perform quantitative 3D functional imaging of SPECT tracers with proven uniform resolution down to 0.13 mm ex vivo and 0.25 mm in vivo. This […]

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Large Animal Imaging


G-SPECT is an innovative, high-performance full-ring SPECT system developed for large animals. G-SPECT offers an up to 2.5-fold improvement in spatial image resolution over typical current SPECT systems and an […]

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