Air-cooled Vibration Test System

Our air-cooled vibration test system has features of high first-order resonance frequency and wide frequency range.

Key Benefits

High Reliability of Armature Winding

The innovative technique and structure of the reinforced ring of armature winding have significantly improved vibration resistance under conditions of large forces, high-acceleration vibration, huge impact, and high temperature.

High-Efficiency Air Cooling Effect

The air-cooling duct of our air-cooled vibration test system is also innovatively designed to greatly improve its cooling effect. Its top-down magnetic rings respectively adopt the long-groove air-inlet duct, double-layered diffluent duct, and tapered-wedge air duct. Its excitation coil utilizes a honeycombed air duct.

Air-Cooled Blower

Unique air ducts and other structural designs of our vibration testing systems allow the air-cooled blower to provide low noise and a superb cooling effect.

Horizontal and Vertical Tests

The air-cooled vibration test system with a slip table can be used for horizontal and vertical tests. It is convenient to overturn and also provides a simple dual-direction switching mode.

Power Amplifier with MOSFET or IGBT Module

The power amplifier of our test equipment adopts a high-performance MOSFET or IGBT module, thus featuring ultra-high stability and reliability.

Safety Performance

Our air-cooled vibration test system conforms to European standard test requirements. Its power amplifier is installed with an emergency stop button to timely cope with emergencies. It can meet the safety requirements of both American UL and European CE standards.

Model Selection Guide

The air-cooled vibration test system is easily affected by the overturning moment, inertia moment, center-of-gravity position, and the height of the center of gravity of the specimen. We suggest that the safety factor should be more than 1.2 times as high as the theoretical thrust. A vibration controller is selectable by test requirements and future development trends.

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