Bionix® Tabletop Test Systems

Our innovative servohydraulic test systems deliver the performance, versatility, and accuracy required to properly characterise the dynamic and static properties of an extreme range of biomedical materials and components.

Combined with a wide range of grips, fixtures, and orthopaedic sub-systems, these systems provide capabilities from static testing to complex kinematic studies of skeletal tissues and orthopaedic constructs.

Key benefits

  • Precision-machined connections between the actuator cylinder and end-caps offer consistent alignment.
  • Fatigue-rated actuators incorporated into the cross-beam provide testing reliability.
  • Integrated T-slot table with channels to contain spilled fluids means fewer test interruptions.
  • Restricted actuator speed as it moves into position protects the specimen and operator.
  • Optimise performance with our routine maintenance.


  • Tension
  • Compression
  • Flex
  • Bend
  • Shear
  • Kinematics

Test Specimens

  • Biomaterials and medical devices
  • Medical device components

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