Civil Hybrid Simulation

Our MTS Civil Hybrid Simulation is a structural testing technique that combines physical testing and computer modeling, offering a more efficient and affordable way to examine how structural systems respond to realistic dynamic or seismic loading. 

Rather than test a complete structure on a large-scale physical test rig, hybrid simulation, instead suggests modeling the complete structure while physically testing only a portion.

Key benefits

  • PhD-level MTS system integration engineers provide expert guidance and training.
  • MTS has expert applications expertise and is well-connected with top hybrid simulation developers.
  • MTS has commissioned quasi-static and real-time hybrid simulation systems at over 100 sites worldwide.
  • Hybrid Simulation is a cost-effective method for testing large-scale civil structure.


  • Seismic simulation
  • Structural testing
  • Sub-system characterization
  • Time-history simulation

Test Specimens

  • Civil structures
  • Complete full-scale structures
  • Seismic isolation bearings
  • Structural components
  • Substructures

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