Commercial Vibration Chambers

Temperature Humidity Vibration Chambers

Combined environments and use with your new or existing vibration shaker

Our CV-Series vibration chambers offer rapid temperature change rates with combined temperature, humidity, and/or vibration environments. All our models are designed for compatibility with your choice of electrodynamic or mechanical vibration systems. While each model is manufactured to standard designs, it can also be custom engineered to meet a wide range of stringent test requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Dual purpose for greater ROI
  • Flexible design and use of existing vibration shaker
  • Simulates up to three environments in one chamber
  • Fast change rates for accelerated stress testing
  • CSZ EZT-570 Touch Screen Controller
  • Includes CSZ Connect Software
  • Ethernet monitoring and control

The CV-Series temperature/humidity and vibration chambers are designed to integrate with vibration systems in only the vertical mode of operation. Chambers may also be used as temperature cycling chambers without vibration utilizing a solid floor plug.

These chambers meet a variety of MIL-STD, ASTM, JEDEC, Telcordia, and other test standards.

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