Criterion® Electromechanical Test Systems

Our innovative systems with force capacities from 1 to 600 kN (220 to 132,000 lbf), high-speed, low-vibration electromechanical drives, and integrated, digital closed-loop controls provide higher fidelity across test runs.

Proven and easy to use, these systems efficiently deliver reliable results. Our accessories support a wide range of specimens at forces from 600 kN (132,000 lbf) down to 1 N (0.2 lbf).

Key benefits

  • Industry-leading 5000 Hz data acquisition rate provides a better understanding of material characteristics.
  • Compact AC servomotor drives provide high-speed, low-vibration testing.
  • TEDS-enabled load cells automatically download calibration information.
  • TestSuite TW Software and custom test templates easily address complex tests.
  • Increase productivity and uptime with our MTS routine maintenance.


  • Tension
  • Compression
  • Flex/Bend
  • Shear

Test Specimens

  • Metals
  • Aluminum
  • Plastics
  • Elastomeric materials
  • Composites
    • Carbon fiber
    • Ceramic matrix composites
    • Composites
    • Metal matrix composites
    • Polymer matrix

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