Drive-In Chambers

Drive-in test chambers for full vehicle testing

We provide drive-in chambers for combined environmental testing to simulate a variety of road conditions and climates. These chambers are designed for full vehicle testing and manufactured to meet your requirements. Drive-In chambers may be constructed using modular panel boxes or fully welded walk-in boxes depending on your performance specifications.

Drive-In chambers simulate vibration and a variety of climate conditions including solar simulation or infrared lighting. They may be used to test suspension systems, shocks, squeaks, rattles, and more. Every chamber may be tailor-designed to meet various requirements and specifications such as integration with vibration systems for four post-road simulations.

Climate Conditions

  • Temperature Simulation
  • Humidity Simulation
  • Solar Simulation
  • Vibration Simulation

Features and Options

  • Oversize/Additional Doors
  • Infrared or Solar Lighting
  • Reinforced Floor
  • Entry Ramp
  • Vapor-Proof Lights
  • Hydro Carbon/Carbon Monoxide Monitor
  • Explosion Proof Electrical

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