Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

Our Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) records a material’s temperature-dependent visco-elastic properties and determines its modulus of elasticity and damping values by applying an oscillating force to the sample.  

Our range of DMA’s includes:

  • The DMA 303 Eplexor is a highly precise and reliable analysis instrument that can handle a wide range of samples and applications. With its user-friendly software and improved ergonomics, it’s the ideal device for intensive use in research and quality control laboratories. 
  • The testing instruments of the DMA GABO EPLEXOR series up to ±500 N enable the dynamic mechanical (or static) characterization of a wide range of different materials including elastomers and polymers, composites, metals, glasses, ceramics, biomaterials and foods, adhesives, and liquids.
  • DMA EPLEXOR up to 4000 N, these instruments offer static and additional dynamic force levels from max. ± 2000 N to max. ± 4000 N each, and are thus the perfect choice for investigating the dynamic mechanical (or only static) properties of rigid samples as well as of specimens with larger dimensions – even parts.
  • The DMA GABO EPLEXOR HT line is the only instrument series on the market that can carry out DMA measurements with a maximum dynamic force of 500 N to 1500°C.
  • The GABOMETER® is suitable to improve the thermal dissipation and the durability of semi-finished tire components, dampers, or absorbers.

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) is an indispensable tool for determining the visco-elastic properties of materials, mainly polymers.

Elastomers, for example, are very rigid below the glass transition temperature (Tg) and have a high modulus of elasticity. Above Tg, they are flexible and show damping performance. DMA measures the visco-elastic properties during a controlled temperature and/or frequency program.

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