Dynamic Shear Rheometers

The world’s most sensitive DSR for all construction and Petrochemicals testing. The Kinexus DSR system of rheometers is equipped with a built-in library of standard test protocols for Asphalt and Bitumen. This allows pioneering standard operating procedure (SOP) based testing.

Construction testing solutions

The system also provides access to standard rheological test modes with complete flexibility of test design and set-up. The DSR has a wide application range and can be used for Grade testing as well as industry standards such as AASHTO and EN specifications.

Additionally, the Time-Temperature Superposition feature of DSR enables master curve generation.

Kinexus Prime DSR+

The world’s most sensitive DSR for all construction testing. This model is ideal for R & D in the Asphalt/Bitumen industry.

Kinexus Prime DSR rheometer

A diverse analytical research solution for laboratory testing. Designed specifically for routine laboratory testing and quality control analysis, our comprehensive solution will provide you with the confidence you need to make informed decisions.

Kinexus Prime DSR-III

Designed to meet the demanding needs of research, product development, comparative benchmarking, quality control and assurance required by the global Asphalt / Bitumen Industry, this complete package is perfect for routine QA/QC and R&D.

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