Metallographic Programmable Automatic Mounting Press

Our ECOPRESS 102 is a high-capacity, state-of-the-art automatic mounting press having advanced software with programmable coloured HMI touchscreen controls. Robust bayonet closure allows for quick and safe operation. A wide selection of mould assemblies from 25 to 50 mm in diameter is available. Two mounts can be produced simultaneously with the use of an intermediate ram.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, simple, and reliable operation
  • Double click system       
  • Powerful and reliable heating system
  • Advanced mounting features with touchscreen
  • Double the capacity with intermediate Rams
  • Improved operator safety

ECOPRESS 102 has pre-programmed moulding sequences built-in (factory set) from which you can choose according to your applications. You only need to place the sample in the mould, select the program number for your specific application and depress the “start” button. That’s it! ECOPRESS does the rest for you! After pressing the start key, the fully automatic program sequence is executed with the preselected parameters. The pressure, heating, and cooling are automatically controlled and the total cycle time of a complete cool mount takes 7 to 9 minutes. The parameters can be changed and adjusted during the mounting process.

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