Metallographic Automatic Mounting Press

Our ECOPRESS 52 is a cost-effective automatic digital mounting press with hydraulic pressure (requires no air). It is fully automatic and suitable for all current hot mounting materials used in the material graph. User-friendly touch-pad controls for mounting parameters provide high productivity with the last parameter settings being retained in the memory.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, simple, and reliable operation
  • Double click system
  • Robust and reliable heating system
  • Simple controls
  • Double the capacity with intermediate rams
  • Improved operator safety

Simply place the sample and the mounting powder in the cylinder and close the mold closure. Set the “molding temperature”, “heating time”,” cooling time” and “pressure” by using the user-friendly knob then press the “start” key. Pressure, heating, and cooling are automatically controlled and the total cycle time for a complete cool mount takes 7 to 9 minutes.

The actual heating temperature and the heating time are digitally displayed throughout the molding cycle. The last parameter settings are always retained in the memory. An audible signal notifies the operator when the process is completed.

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