Automatic Specimen Mover

FORCIPOL instruments are designed for modular configuration for manual, semi-automatic, and programmable automatic equipment. When the number of specimens to be prepared increases, FORCIPOL instruments can be fitted with one of FORCIMAT automatic heads (FORCIMAT 52 or FORCIMAT 102) for automation. FORCIMAT automatic heads provide high-rate sample preparation and free the operator from the grinding and polishing procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Simple and fast controls
  • Quick sample holder replacement mechanism
  • Variable speed
  • Pneumatically adjusted force
  • Automatic disc cleaning and drying feature

The FORCIMAT 52 Automatic Head is mounted on a rigid hardened post which is fixed to the base of the FORCIPOL grinder/polisher. It can be adapted to all FORCIPOL series grinder/polishers and is easily and rapidly positioned using a quick-locking clamping mechanism.

The sample holder can prepare 6 samples simultaneously and it is driven by a 100-Watt DC motor at 50-150 RPM. The pneumatically applied individual force is adjustable between 5 N (1.1 lb.) and 60 N (13.5 lb.) from the front panel and is displayed on a gauge. The housing is made of ABS with a touchpad front panel.

A choice of easily exchangeable sample holders with a set of rings from 25 to 50 mm and 1” to 2” diameter is available for use on the FORCIMAT 52. The samples (1 to 6) are placed in the sample holder. Thanks to the quick replacement mechanism, all individual force specimen holders can be removed and inserted into the equipment within seconds.

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