Metallographic Grinding and Polishing Machine

Our FORCIPOL Series grinding and polishing machines offer practical and economical solutions to your metallographic sample preparation needs. These instruments have the capability of modular configuration for manual, semi-automatic, and programmable automatic operation.

FORCIPOL Series of instruments are available as single-wheel (FORCIPOL 102) and Dual wheel (FORCIPOL 202) Units. FORCIPOL instruments are designed for modular configuration for manual, semi-automatic, and programmable automatic equipment. When only manual preparation is required, FORCIPOL control unit can be fitted on the FORCIPOL grinder/polisher. If automatic operation is required in the future, one of the FORCIMAT automatic heads can be installed at any time. Optional DOSIMAT peristaltic fluid dispensers are available to increase automation capability.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for Ø200/Ø250/ Ø300 mm wheels
  • Modular configuration
  • Powerful base motor
  • Heavy robust construction to eliminate vibrations
  • Automatic disc cleaning and drying feature
  • Smart water-saving feature

Both single- and double-wheel versions are suitable with Ø200, Ø250, and Ø300 mm wheels. The working wheel is powered by a high torque 1.0 HP electric motor with both clockwise and counterclockwise wheel rotation possibilities. The state-of-the-art frequency converter allows smooth speed variation (50-600 rpm) of the grinding wheel with soft start and soft stop. This allows the setting of the optimum speed for each preparation process. It is a perfect

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