Grinding and Polishing Machine

Our FORCIPOL-TS, when coupled with FORCIMAT-TS, becomes an automatic thin-section preparation system. The FORCIMAT-TS is a low-speed automatic head, and it is mounted on a rigid hardened post that is fixed to the base of the FORCIPOL-TS grinder/polisher. It can be adapted easily and rapidly positioned utilizing a quick-locking clamping mechanism. It’s a versatile, durable, and reliable grinding/polishing machine.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic operation
  • Single force application
  • Special holders for thin section
  • Lapping and polishing

It can accommodate 300 mm diameter wheels with variable speeds between 50-600 RPM. Modern electronics provide a smooth speed variation with a soft start and soft stop. The working wheel is powered by a high torque 1.0 HP electric motor with clockwise and counter clockwise wheel rotation possibilities. Using appropriate working discs can carry the grinding, lapping, and polishing process smoothly.

The drive elements are fixed on heavy-duty aluminum alloy casting. The wheels are mounted on ball bearings allowing the application of high pressures to prepare even large specimens. Ball bearings used provide quiet and vibration-free operation. Standard features include a water inlet and flexible water outlets with control valves for wet grinding.

Includes a standard set of grinding & polishing consumables;

  • Silicon Carbide Powder, 500 gr of each 120, 320, 400, 600, and 1000 grit
  • 10 pcs of PETRI Polishing Cloth, 300 mm dia.
  • Diamond pastes, one of each of the 3 mics. and 0.25 mic., plus lubricant

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