Geological Cutting Machine

Our GEOCUT 302-S is specially designed for cutting large and irregularly shaped petrographic specimens. This machine offers the advantage of combining different cutting techniques and methods into the same machine to obtain superior cut surfaces for a broad range of heavy-duty cutting applications. It’s an advanced geological cutting machine that is ideal for sectioning rocks, ceramics, minerals, glass, concrete and geological specimens.

Key Benefits:

  • Modern and robust design
  • Extraordinary access for easy handling
  • Provides the highest safety standards
  • Ability to use Ø250/300 mm diamond blade
  • Cutting capacity up to 110 mm in diameter
  • X-Y Cross table is available as standard for parallel and serial cutting
  • Linear table feed and chop-cutting methods
  • Various Clamping systems available for small to large size or irregular sample shapes

It has a robust and reliable design with low noise and emission levels. The modern and sturdy design with a powerful 4 kW cutting motor ensures fast and efficient cutting through the hardest and most complex materials with precise axis controls.

GEOCUT 302-S petrographic cutting machines have the highest safety standards. The interlocking safety device does not allow the motor to be started unless the sliding door is closed. The sliding door cannot be opened before the cutting motor is stopped. The electronic brake system, which is a standard feature, brings the cutter to a quick full stop in seconds after it has been switched off. Easily accessed and operated E-stop button ensures immediate shutdown.

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