GEOFORM 102 – Thin Sectioning

Precision Thin Section Cutting and Grinding Machine

Our GEOFORM 102 is a bench-top thin sectioning instrument that will cut and grind down to 30 microns or less depending on the hardness of the material because; mineralogical specimens usually contain hard and soft phases. This machine is specially designed for cutting and thin sectioning of petrographic specimens. It combines both “Cutting” and “Thin Sectioning” machines in the same body.

 Key Benefits

  • Cutting and Thin Sectioning combined
  • Provides the highest safety standards
  • Large cutting compartment with movable T-table
  • Ability to mount clamping devices
  • Coloured LCD touchscreen with advanced software
  • Variable wheel speed, 500-2000 RPM
  • Completely closed cutting and a grinding compartment with transparent cover and magnetic safety switch
  • Ability to fix glass slides with several different dimensions

Cutting Module

GEOFORM 102 has a large cutting compartment like a benchtop cutting machine. There is a T-table inside the cutting chamber, which is movable in the Y-axis direction from the front and back. Possibility to mount different types of clamping devices on the T-table for cutting large and irregularly shaped rocks, minerals, concrete, glass, ceramics, refractory, and other geological samples.

Grinding Module

The grinding module is designed for precision grinding. A universal vacuum holder accepts different sizes of glass slides by changing the location pins. Up to three samples can be ground at the same time. An optional vacuum pump holds the glass slide fixed on the holder during the grinding process. A built-in digital micrometer ensures high precision and the specimen is ground with an accuracy of 2 microns.


GEOFORM 102 has the highest safety standards. The magnetic safety switch does not allow the motor to be started unless the transparent hood is closed. If the transparent hood is opened during cutting, the motor immediately stops automatically. Easily accessed and operated emergency stop button ensures immediate shutdown. The soft closing feature of the transparent hood protects fingers from the risk of injury.

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