Glovebox Workstations

We offer our researchers a wide range of ready-to-use glove box workstations that can be equipped with a comprehensive set of optional features. Universities and Industrial labs use glove boxes for the research and development of emerging technologies including Lithium batteries, chemicals, OLED / PLED, and welding.

Our complete range includes:

LABmaster pro

  • The LABmaster pro has proven to be a superior glove box system in numerous research and manufacturing environments and is often utilised in emerging markets such as chemistry, battery, OLED, and perovskite.

UNIlab pro

  • The UNIlab pro comes with all the features of its big sister, the UNIlab Plus, but offers you more modularity. The enclosures are modular which gives you a wide choice of sizes (2, 3, or 4 gloves), single or double-sided, and especially the possibility to assemble several enclosures.

LABstar pro

  • Compact design with integrated inert gas purifier unit. It’s a stainless-steel modular enclosure with a polycarbonate window. Also, live remote monitoring of your glovebox data with myMBRAUN application.


  • The ISO-Pro-Nano glovebox with an integrated blower is designed for operator protection while working with nanoparticles. It is operated in relative negative pressure to the environment (-200 Pa). 


  • The MBRAUN Acrylic Glovebox Workstation offers a cost-effective, mobile solution for inert atmosphere applications. A thick, clear, and durable acrylic shell allows optimum visibility and remains impermeable to ambient air. 

MB TIG 1010

  • The MB-TIG-1010 bench-top glove box platform is designed as a complete welding enclosure workstation with the capability to add gas purification systems and purge style antechambers. 

Integration and Modified Standard

  • Based on our standards we can propose customisation to fit perfectly to your needs. If you need a bigger box, a longer antechamber, specific shelves, or handling tools for heavy loads, we will find together with you the right solution.

Standard Accessories/Options

  • Our options and accessories include: antechambers, analysers, feedthroughs, filters and vacuum cleaners.

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