Head Expander

Our head expander supplied by our company has various types, and it can be specially customized to meet the requirements of customers for expanding the vibration shaker.

In actual vibration tests, the specimen or fixture is commonly larger than the electro-dynamic shaker armature table. As a result, the original table needs to be extended by installing an auxiliary table.

The extended table has stringent requirements for the working frequency, table weight, table acceleration, amplitude uniformity, lateral movement, etc.

The VT series product undergoes finite element modal analysis. Its quality is guaranteed with superior structure, materials, and workmanship.

Key Benefits

  • All shake system expanders supplied by DONGLING have passed finite element analysis. Their structure has been optimized.
  • High-quality workmanship guarantees stable performance and reliable technical indicators.
  • The standard-series head expander is optional. Its shape can be round or square. Its raw material can be aluminum or magnesium.

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