Inert Gas Purifiers

The purpose of the MBRAUN gas purification system, together with a glovebox is for the enabling and maintaining of a pure inert gas atmosphere inside a hermetically sealed enclosure. We propose a wide range of gas purification systems to remove O2 and H2O, but not only. An inert atmosphere is important, but a clean atmosphere is too. We can remove solvent vapors, dust, and hazardous particles, i.e., for Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing, LMD).

Our complete range includes:


  • Demanding and/or large enclosure volume. It’s dedicated to industrial applications. Solvent trap and up to 220m³ enclosure volume.

Inert Gas Purifiers (G-series)

  • It’s utilized for standard enclosures and removes O2/H2O <1ppm. Easy to use and up to 5m³.

Clean jet

  • It’s effective for dust and soot removal. Specially designed for reactive materials like titanium. Closed loop performance through gas-tight connections. HEPA filter for best performance and safe operation.

Nitrogen Removal

  • Ensures no N2 in your enclosure. The gas purifier module MB-200-N-I removes N2 from Argon. It’s important for optimal battery research/production.

HP gas purifiers

  • Pre-purification of an in-house gas supply. Dry gas supply (inert gas) for purge boxes. It’s ideal to pre-purify gas when multiple gloveboxes are used.

Clean Dry Air (CDA)

  • MBRAUN developed a series of gas purification systems specifically dedicated to the dehumidification of clean process air. Compared to other MBRAUN purifier models which remove oxygen too, the CDA units are entirely focused on moisture removal.


  • The MBRAUN glovebox humidifier is designed to provide an adjustable level (5-70%) of moisture for the connected equipment (usually a glovebox).

Tritium Oxidizing System

  • Tritium Retention Systems (TRS) convert tritiated chemical species (principally elemental, oxide, and hydrocarbon) in the process stream to the oxide form (HTO) and remove the tritiated water by adsorption on molecular sieve beds.

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