Landmark® Servohydraulic Test Systems

From complex thermomechanical fatigue studies to standard tension and compression tests, our MTS Landmark systems provide accurate and repeatable results. Robustly manufactured with SureCoat® technology that extends actuator rod longevity 10x over conventionally chrome-plated rods, these systems will perform reliably for years.

Key benefits

  • A proven leader in servohydraulic testing technology.
  • Superior frame stiffness and alignment produce accurate results.
  • Applications expertise and service and support.
  • A wide array of test capabilities for low- to high-force applications.
  • Increase productivity and uptime with our MTS routine maintenance.


  • Dynamic cyclic
    – Crack propagation
    – CTOD (Crack Tip Opening Displacement)
    – Dynamic characterization
    – Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)
    – Fatigue crack growth
    – High-cycle fatigue (HCF)
    – High-temperature
    – Jlc-CTOD
    – Klc
    – Low-cycle fatigue (LCF)
  • Static testing

Test Specimens

  • Composites
    – Carbon fiber
    – Ceramic matrix composites
    – Composites
    – Metal matrix composites
    – Polymer matrix
  • Polymers
    – Elastomeric materials
    – Elastomers
    – Plastics
    – Polymers
    – Rubber
  • Ceramics
  • Metals
  • Medical device components

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