Laser Induced Incandescence (LII)

Did you know that soot emissions from incomplete combustion processes are hazardous pollutants? These emissions are also a key indicator of combustion efficiency. The Laser-Induced Incandescence (LII) technique is an optical measurement method specifically designed for soot diagnostics.

With LII, you can measure the volume of soot present, such as in Diesel engine exhaust, and even capture real-time images of soot formation within a running IC engine. By utilising LII, we can better understand and improve combustion performance while reducing harmful emissions.

Key Features

  • Non-intrusive, in-situ measurements
  • Full control of hardware from the software
  • Multi-parameter measurements by combination with PIV or LIF
  • Modular system allowing easy future upgrades

Key Benefits

  • Does not disturb the phenomenon under investigation
  • Study the interaction between particle combustion, chemical and fluid dynamical processes
  • User-friendly, well-integrated solution
  • Budget flexibility and allows easy future upgrades

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