Abrasive Metallographic Cutting Machine

Table-top manual abrasive cutting machine. Chop cutting machine METACUT 302 is the ideal abrasive cut-off machine for metallographic samples, offering perfect solutions for efficient, versatile, and high-quality cutting.

Our METACUT 302 is a tabletop high-quality cutting machine suitable for Ø300 and Ø250 mm cut-off wheels. It can cut solid sections up to 115 mm in diameter.

A spacious cutting chamber and extra-large cutting table enable easy clamping of the specimens to be cut.

Key Benefits

  • Safe, robust, and reliable
  • Compact and powerful cutting motor
  • Easy and quick operation
  • High cutting capacity
  • Efficient sample cooling and filtration
  • Designed for cutting large and irregular workpieces
  • Manually controlled cutting lever
  • Max. safety with electronic brake and interlocking safety device
  • Stainless steel cutting bed
  • Suitable for both Ø300 mm and Ø250 mm cut-off wheels
  • Magnetic collector rod set

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