Ovens and Hotplates

MBRAUN glovebox systems can be optionally equipped with ovens and hotplates either for the removal of water and/or solvents from substrate surfaces or to cure sensitive materials under controlled conditions.

All oven and hotplate systems from MBRAUN have been specifically designed for being integrated into inert environments and are also available as standalone units. Please choose from the following oven and hotplate products offered at MBRAUN.

Our complete range includes:


  • The MB-VOH-Mini is the most compact design in MBRAUN’s vacuum oven series. Due to its compact size, it has a maximum temperature of 150°C and is the ideal choice for small devices that must be heated or dried before being transferred into the glove box.


  • The MB-VOH-250 is MBRAUN’s most versatile vacuum oven in the VOH series. As part of MBRAUN’s standard main antechamber design, this oven features a larger heating zone compared to MB-VOH-Mini allowing for heating of larger and more unconventionally shaped material.


  • The MBRAUN MB-VOH-600 is the most powerful oven system in the VOH product line when it comes to maximum temperature. Featuring the same large heating zone as the MB-VOH-250, this oven can reach operating temperatures of up to 600°C and vacuum levels of down to 5 x 10-2 bar.


  • Designed specifically to operate under vacuum conditions. Easy transfer of goods into and out of the glove box. Maximum temperature of 150°C and minimum pressure 5 x 10E-2 mbar (depending on the vacuum pump). 


  • The MBRAUN MB-VacuumDryer represents the most economical solution for air-sensitive substances and thermally unstable products that require drying under controlled conditions in a dust-free vacuum atmosphere. Max. temperature: 200°C

High-temperature ovens

  • MBRAUN MB-HT high-temperature ovens are often utilized in the sealing of HID lamps. Designs include double-walled stainless-steel consisting of the body and lids. Ovens can be offered glovebox integrated or as standalone configuration.

Convection ovens

  • The MBRAUN MB-N2-Purge inert gas convection oven represents the optimal solution for heat-treatment processes in moisture-sensitive applications as it provides precise thermal conditions in a particle-free inert gas atmosphere.

Custom Ovens

  • MBRAUN can custom design and engineer ovens to meet your exact application specification.


  • The MBRAUN MB-HPL-400 Vacuum Hotplate has been designed to cure sensitive organic layers under defined process conditions. Application ranges from basic research to sophisticated manufacturing processes.


  • The MBRAUN MB HPL Auto Vacuum Hotplate is designed to meet the demands of today’s solution-based high-performance OLED/PLED materials. The area of application ranges from basic research to sophisticated manufacturing processes.


  • The MBRAUN Hotplate Stack (HPL Stack) System is based on resistively heated, stacked hot plate technology. It has been designed to provide a space-saving, flexible, and modular tool with high productivity, excellent process repeatability, and minimum cost of ownership.

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