Planar Biaxial Test System

Critical for characterising complex design structures, components, and orthotropic and anisotropic lightweight materials. These innovative systems are utilised to perform mechanical tests for the transportation, power generation, and civil engineering industries.

Key benefits

  • High lateral stiffness provides accurate test results.
  • Adjustable alignment apparatus in the load path removes specimen-bending strains.
  • Hydrostatic actuator bearings reduce friction for precise actuator positioning within the cylinder.
  • Advanced safety features.
  • Maintain test speed and productivity with our software support plan.


  • Dynamic characterisation

Test Specimens

  • Composites
    – Carbon fiber
    – Ceramic matrix composites
    – Composites
    – Metal matrix composites
    – Polymer matrix
  • Metals
    – Fasteners
    – Metal plate
    – Metal rods
    – Sheet metal
    – Aluminum
    – Piping and tubing
    – Rebar
    – Chain
    – Structural steel
    – Wire and cable

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