Power Amplifier

Intelligent Power Amplifier

The power amplifier consists of the logical unit and the power unit. It is a small-sized, lightweight, and high-performance electronic device, providing numerous remarkable advantages such as a compact structure, flexible configuration, high energy efficiency, easy installation, intelligent manipulation, and more.

All key components are purchased from multiple world-renowned companies such as Motorola, Fairchild, and Mitsubishi. Their quality is dependable.

The adoption of a new generation of digital products improves the vibration testing system and also opens up a broad prospect for Chinese electro-dynamic vibration test systems. It facilitates the development of an electrodynamic vibration system toward the direction of high power and large excitation force.

This series of power amplifiers can substitute for the same model supplied by other manufacturers.

PA/MP Series Power Amplifier

As an important part of vibration testing systems, PA/MP series power amplifier is specially designed for use in small vibration shakers and acoustical testing systems. It features a wide frequency response range, good linearity, and waveforms with low harmonic distortion. In addition, the power amplifier comes with complete safety protection functions, ensuring high safety during operation.

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