Prisma E SEM

Our Thermo Scientific Prisma E Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) combines a wide range of imaging and analytical modalities with advanced automation to offer a complete solution for any instrument in its class.

It is ideal for industrial research and development, quality control, and failure analysis applications that require high resolution, sample flexibility, and an easy-to-use operator interface. The Prisma E SEM succeeds the highly successful Thermo Scientific Quanta SEM.

Key Benefits

  • We are scanning electron microscopes for industrial research and development with environmental scanning electron microscope capability.
  • Elemental information at your fingertips.
  • Minimize sample preparation time.
  • Excellent analytical capabilities.
  • Excellent image quality at low kV and low vacuum thanks to flexible vacuum modes, including through-the-lens differential pumping.
  • Simultaneous secondary electron (SE) and backscattered electron (BSE) imaging in every mode of operation.
  • In-situ study of materials in their natural state.

The unique combination of accessible all-round performance, a large set of accessories, and the most intuitive elemental analysis with Thermo Scientific ColorSEM make the Prisma E SEM the go-to SEM for micro-scale imaging and analysis in any industry or field.

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