Q4 POLO – Compact Multi-chip Spark Spectrometer

The Q4 POLO is the high precision metal analysis spectrometer with a low cost of ownership. It is a ready-to-analyze sample from day one, covering all your related elements. This instrument provides high uptime, low maintenance, and hassle-free operation.

Bruker - Q4 POLO

Why do I need Q4 POLO spark-OES?

Q4 POLO gives you an ultrafast analysis of your solid metal sample without complications. All related elements are simultaneously determined.

 Key benefits

  • MultiVision™ optics with electromagnetic light junction covering the full elemental range with superior performance and a small footprint
  • AAC™ and ArgonShield™ result in incredible long-term stability without increasing argon gas consumption
  • The new active sensing SmartSpark™ source is fully digital 
  • Equipped with the detection of non-energetic discharges for increased precision and long-term stability
  • ELEMENTAL.SUITE delivers the highest functionality combined with ease of use for information at your fingertips
  • Planned maintenance, according to your requirement

Numerous innovations have been introduced in the Q4 POLO to create a spark spectrometer that is second to none. In addition to superior analytical performance for a full range of elements, the Q4 POLO enables applications previously not addressable by such compact instruments.

This little giant in Spark-OES is built with a patented concept for self-focusing under temperature variation, to eliminate thermal drifts. Also, the new ArgonShield™ prevents contamination of the optical window during measurements. 

The innovative MultiVision™ optics is equipped with an electromagnetic light junction to use the full elemental range with the best performance and compactness.

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