Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) System

Rolling Stock & Railway Test Systems

Drive complete rolling stock wheelsets over the corresponding rail in controlled laboratory settings to replicate surface and sub-surface wear and other aspects of rolling contact fatigue, resulting from real-world wheel and rail contact.

This turnkey solution enables engineers to better predict wheelset and rail life cycles, understand the implications of different materials and geometries on steering and durability, mitigate potential risks, and minimize maintenance costs.   

Key benefits

  • A unique solution capable of performing rolling contact fatigue (RCF) testing on complete wheelsets.
  • Fixed (rigidly mounted) wheelset ensures that all loads are measured directly where they are reacted.
  • Rail carriage supported on hydro-static bearings, increasing accuracy, extending the life, and minimizing maintenance.
  • Displacement control automatically compensates for changes in wheelset loading.


  • Rail and wheelset damage studies
  • Straight and Curved Rolling
  • Flanging
  • Wheelset centering
  • Mapping of lateral force vs Angle of Attack
  • Simulating the normal and abnormal operation
  • Effect of Wear on wheelset performance
  • Progression of track and wheel damage

Test Specimens

  • Wheelsets
  • Rail

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