SDCHN636 Carbon Hydrogen and Nitrogen Analyzer

Our Sundy SDCHN636 Carbon Hydrogen and Nitrogen Analyzer can be used to determine the carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen content in coal, coke, food, solid wastes, soil, fertilizer, etc in the fields of power plants, coal mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, steel factory environmental industry and so on.

Key Benefits

  • Autoloader with 36 positions (72 optional), samples can be added or replaced in the process of testing
  • Automatic sample introduction and testing, realize to work unattended
  • Short thermostatic time and high-test efficiency
  • With high sensitivity and ultra-low temperature drift-diffusion type thermal conductivity cell, independent and accurate thermostatic control, ensure the thermal conductivity baseline is stable
  • Short and reliable gas path
  • Humanized design, easy to operate
  • Low operation cost.
  • Easy and convenient to check the air tightness, operators only need to click on the software

High stability IR sensor can get stability in a short time, adopted throttling device, the helium consumption is only 0.7L/min during sample testing and 0.05L/min at other time. It is more efficient and saves you operation costs.

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