SDHG60a Hardgrove Grindability Index Tester (HGI)

This instrument can be used to determine grindability of coal in the field of the coal industry, power plants, metallurgical industry, scientific research, etc.

Key Benefits

  • With microcomputer intelligent controlling system, real-time display of working status and process.
  • High automation with auto-lifting and loading, automatic revolution and counting, and stopping automatically after 60 rounds.
  • With a built-in linear regression correction curve, calculation and calibration can be finished automatically.
  • With emergency stop function. If restart, revolution counting can accumulate.
  • With a film key and LCD screen, it’s easy to operate.
  • Connection with a balance is available.
  • Data can be stored automatically.
  • With a micro-printer, it can realize the functions of date query, automatic calculation, result print, and so on.

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