SDTGA1200 Thermogravimetric Analyzer

(Proximate Analyzer)

Our SDTGA1200 can be used to determine the moisture, ash, and volatile matter as well as the calculation of fixed carbon and calorific value in coal, coke, calcined petrol coke, and other solid biomass fuel. It has dual furnaces, dual internal balances, stable performance, and accurate test results.

It’s the only proximate analyser that can test batches of samples without waiting for cooling.

Key Benefits

  • High precision and accuracy.
  • The unique automatic cleaning function of low-temperature furnaces eliminates the influence of dust on results.
  • With an automatic calibration function, each weighing is accurate and reliable.
  • Analysis for moisture, ash, and volatile matter can be conducted simultaneously and consecutively.
  • Unique crucible detection mechanism avoids mistakes and missing placing crucible.
  • Unique sample tray positioning mechanism and drive mechanism ensure stable and reliable operation.
  • With the human-based design, environment friendly, and energy-saving.
  • The sample tray locates inside real-time data transmission.
  • A particular crucible collector discards residual automatically.
  • Equipped with dust collector, environment friendly and clean.
  • Easy to use Windows-based operating software, after finishing the sample weighing, the operator can be free for other tasks.
  • Several proximate analysers can be controlled by a single PC with Ethernet communication technology.

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