SDTGA6000A Thermogravimetric Analyzer

(Proximate Analyzer)

Our SDTGA6000A can be used to determine the moisture, ash, and volatile matter as well as the calculation of fixed carbon and calorific value in coal, coke, calcined petrol coke, and other solid biomass fuel.

Key Benefits

  • 19 samples can be loaded once + 1 blank sample position for analysing the moisture, ash, and volatile matter.
  • Unique sample weighing mode, single sample, or batch sample weighing are both available, making the operation convenient.
  • Automatic temperature calibration function is available.
  • Flexible software design, test procedure, analysis time, temperature, etc. can be customized.
  • LED displays on furnaces to show real-time balance weight data, it makes the sample weighing more convenient.
  • Single and dual furnace configurations available.

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