Series 819 High-Rate

High-rate dynamic tests are used to simulate automotive accidents, airplane crashes, munitions explosions, and other high-impact events. These stiff, durable load frames and high-response servohydraulic apply forces from 5 to 500 kN (1 to 110 kip) and achieve velocities from 1 to 21 m/sec (39 to 830 in./sec).

Key benefits

  • Piezoelectric load washer enables fast, accurate force measurement.
  • Extra-long hydraulic cushions prevent actuator damage after specimen failure.
  • Eight data acquisition channels record at rates up to 1.25 million samples per second simultaneously.
  • Compatible grips and fixtures accommodate a wide range of specimen types.


  • Strain
  • Tensile
  • Environmental

Test Specimens

  • Metals
  • Composites
  • Plastics
  • Components

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