Slip Table

The slip table can be coordinated with an electro-dynamic vibration shaker to carry out three-direction vibration tests. Its small carrier (table) weight helps improve the overall load capacity. In other words, the test platform can support the load with a larger size and greater weight.

Based on connection methods, this product is categorized into integrated type and split type. In view of different guiding ways, it can be divided into the GT series and the BT series. The GT series adopts a V-shaped guiding way, and the BT series comes with a hydrostatic guideway.

Key Benefits

Convenient Operation

Distinct trunnion and guide bearings allow horizontal and vertical switching to be realized easily. An electric power steering unit is ideal for use in a vibration shaker with above medium thrust, which makes switching more convenient.

Integrated Design

Integrated design allows the slip table and vibrator to share one base, which features high stiffness, easy installation, and convenient commissioning. The integrated type has achieved a national patent. It can be installed without a dedicated base.

The split design vibratory table is widely applied to the measurement of large-sized and complex-dynamics specimens. This design gives convenience for hoisting.

GT Series with V-shaped Guiding Way

The GT series slip table consists of a sliding plate, V-shaped rail, connectors, granite slab, base, and the built-in oil source. The built-in fuel supply pump is marked by a compact structure and easy operation. The number of V-shaped guide rails varies with the size of our product. This kind of V-shaped guide rail is provided with an ultra-high resistance to overturning moment.

The vibration system equipped with a slip table can respectively accomplish the X, Y, and Z-direction vibration tests for parts or entire machines. Also, it can be used together with the temperature and humidity test chamber to form an integrated environmental testing system.

The area and thickness of a sliding plate determine the quality of an active system. It may also affect the upper limit of frequency of the shake table. The indicators in the table listed below pertain to all standard products of our company. The slip table can be customized according to the special requirements of users. It conforms to JB/T 6869-93 standard.

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