Slot-Die Coating

Our Slot-die coating is a highly scalable technique for rapidly depositing thin and uniform films with minimal material waste and low operational cost. Slot-die coating technology is used to deposit a variety of liquid chemistries onto substrates of various materials such as glass, metal, and polymers. This is achieved by precisely metering the process fluid; dispensing it at a controlled rate while the coating die is moved relative to the substrate.

Slot-die-Coater Integration

Optimum system integration has always been one of MBRAUN’s strengths. From small laboratory instruments to complex process equipment – MBRAUN will find the right solution for you to integrate your process tool into an inert gas system. Focusing on process stability, optimal ergonomic operation of the equipment, and costs in terms of integration and operation, there is a wide range of solutions.

The FOM products can not only be purchased as stand-alone parts. Together with the specialists from FOM Technologies, the integration into a glovebox and the operation under inert gas (nitrogen or argon) were already taken into account during the development of the new Slot Die Coater systems. The slot dies coaters from FOM Technologies are designed in such a way that subsequent integration into a glovebox is also possible. Whether in a simple inert gas enclosure or with laminar flow to effectively prevent particle contamination, the systems from FOM Technologies and MBRAUN are optimally matched to each other.

Our complete range of slot-die coating includes:

  • Roll-Based FOM nanoRC – Entry Level
  • Roll-Based FOM arcRC- Intermediate Level
  • Roll-Based FOM moduloR2C- Advanced Level
  • Roll-Based FOM sigmaR2R- Advanced Level
  • Sheet-Based FOM scalarSC – Entry Level
  • Sheet-Based FOM vectorSC – Inermediate Level
  • Sheet-Based FOM alphaSC- Advanced Level
  • Roll-Based FOM pontemSC- Industrial Level
  • Slot-Die Heads – Research Series
  • Slot-Die Heads – Industrial Series

Our team of specialists is ready to help you find the right solution for your application.

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