Soil Testing

A complete range of robust, easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable testing equipment for laboratory and on-site soil sample analysis (including sampling, classification, preparation, moisture content, permeability, or chemical testing).

Our complete range includes the following:

Soil – Field

The section includes soil testing equipment for in-situ tests, analysis, and classification. This includes sampling, and field inspection equipment used to profile soil layers and collect field samples for testing and classification.

Soil – Lab

The section includes soil testing equipment for laboratory tests, analysis, and classification. Sample preparation equipment for preparing undisturbed, remould, and compacted samples; Atterberg limits, plastic limit, and particle analysis; moisture contents and chemical test for the evaluation of physical properties of soil sample. Equipment to determine the compaction or maximum density of soil. Permeability testing equipment is also available to evaluate flow characteristics on granular soils and fine-grained soils.

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