Spectra 200 TEM

For scientists to advance their understanding of complex samples and develop innovative materials, they must have access to robust, precise instrumentation capable of correlating form and function, as well as resolving space, time, and frequency.

We introduce the Thermo Scientific Spectra 200 (S)TEM, the high-throughput, aberration-corrected, (scanning) transmission electron microscope for all materials science applications.

Key Benefits

  • Powered by the ultra-high-brightness cold field emission gun (X-CFEG).
  • High-resolution STEM imaging performance for all accelerating voltages.
  • High throughput TEM and STEM microscope for all materials science applications.
  • Unprecedented sensitivity with the Panther STEM detection system.
  • Advanced STEM imaging capabilities.
  • New possibilities in STEM analytics with Spectra 200 S/TEM.

All Spectra 200 (S) TEMs are delivered on new platforms designed to offer unprecedented level of mechanical stability and the highest imaging quality through passive and (optional) active vibration isolation.

The system is housed in a fully re-designed enclosure with a built-in on-screen display for convenient specimen loading and removal. For the first time, full modularity and upgradeability can be offered between uncorrected and single-corrected configurations with variable heights, allowing maximum flexibility for different room configurations.

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