Our SPECTRAL 350 is used to achieve excellent precision flat surfaces of iron and steel samples for spectroscopic analysis. The robust and vibration-free construction has been designed for continuous operation at high sample throughput.

SPECTRAL 350 Series of instruments are available as Single Disc and Dual Disc Units with 350 mm wheel size which is dynamically balanced for smooth running. Due to its special design, grinding paper is sucked into the grinding disc which does not require any glue.

Key Benefits

  • Single disc or two separate independent discs for coarse and fine grinding possible on 350 mm dia
  • Dynamically balanced, with a 2.2 kW driving motor
  • A dedusting system with spark trap and easily replaceable filters
  • With interlocking safety switch not allowing the top cover to be opened before the motors are stopped

These instruments are equipped with a strong aspiration device in addition to their special design, increasing vacuum for suction which retains the abrasive paper on the disc, eliminating the requirement for any adhesives or fixing attachments. Therefore, the abrasive papers can be used on their full widths and are very easy to exchange. The integrated dedusting system with spark trap allows a dust-free operation. The grinding disc is covered halfway by a lid and the sheet metal allows grinding only in a segment for operator comfort and protection. It is fitted with an interlocking safety device. When the lid is opened or the emergency button is depressed, the motors are stopped immediately.


A single Disc Grinder with a 2800 rpm fixed speed is the most basic unit of the Spectral 350 series. SPECTRAL 350-2 Dual Disc Grinder has two discs with a fixed speed of 2800 rpm.


It has two grinding discs with dual speeds of 1400 and 2800 rpm. It’s the most unique grinder, especially for foundries or steel plants having a variety of materials.

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