Automatic Grinding Machine

SPECTRAL AG 102 is an automatic cup grinder for spectroscopic sample preparation of iron and steel samples.

Heavy-duty cast aluminum base with motorized vertical drive provides accurate control. High-torque grinding motor rotating at 2800 rpm guarantees high material removal rate. SPECTRAL AG 102 is equipped with an automatic sample feed with fine speed control. Fast advance and reverse are available. Automatic cup wheel positioning is done with a high-precision measurement system. This ensures extremely precise positioning with shorter times.

Key Benefits

  • Benchtop compact design
  • Programmable with colored 7″ HMI touch screen control, with Siemens PLC control unit
  • Accurate and motorized positioning in Y and Z axis
  • Maximum safety is provided with an interlocking switch
  • Large working space with LED lighting
  • Extraordinary access for easy handling with sliding door
  • Automatic sample feeding with adjustable fine speed
  • High torque 3 kW grinding motor, with the electronic brake system and overload protection

All-important parameters of the grinding process like feed rate and grinding depth are adjustable on the touchscreen LCD. Pneumatic Clamping Device, Electromagnetic clamping device, and T-slotted table are offered as optional accessories.

An air-cooling unit is strongly recommended so that the surface temperature of the sample is kept at an optimum. The entire working area is enclosed. An electronic brake is integrated into the system for a rapid stop of the grinding stone. The interlocking safety device does not allow the hood to be opened before the grinding motor is stopped.

This machine can be equipped with an automatic Sample Height Measurement System with automatic dressing of cup grinding stone for full cyclic operation. SPECTRAL AG 102 automatic grinding machine has the highest safety standards. The interlocking safety device does not allow the motor to be started unless the sliding door is closed. The sliding door cannot be opened before the grinding motor is stopped. The electronic brake system, which is a standard feature, brings the grinder to a quick full stop in seconds after it has been switched off.

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