Automatic fine surface milling machine

Our SPECTRAL MM 102 is designed for automatic sample preparation of OES and XRF analysis. It is fast and efficient in providing high-quality specimen surfaces thus saving time. SPECTRAL MM 102 has advanced techniques and software with programmable HMI touchscreen controls increasing productivity, sample consistency, and operator comfort. With the ability to store and recall preparation programs on the LCD screen, the same consistent results are obtained. SPECTRAL MM 102 is a perfect choice for milling all non-ferrous materials. It can also be used for milling steels up to 50 HRC.

Key Benefits

  • Benchtop compact design
  • Programmable with colored 7″ HMI touchscreen control
  • Maximum safety is provided with an interlocking switch
  • Large working space with LED lighting
  • Extraordinary access for easy handling with sliding door, for samples up to 70 mm dia
  • With an electronic brake system and overload protection
  • Automatic sample feeding with adjustable fine speed control
  • With a variable rotational motor speed of 500-4000 rpm to obtain optimum surfaces for different materials

It is an automatic milling machine for fast milling of non-ferrous, iron & steel samples for emission and X-ray spectrometer analysis. Automatic fine surface milling guarantees the highest level of reproducibility through the automatic processing of the specimen. SPECTRAL MM 102 has a robust and reliable design with low noise and emission levels. It is completely enclosed and sound-insulated with LED spot-light. The front cover can be completely opened for easy access to all sides.

SPECTRAL MM 102 is equipped with an automatic sample feed with fine speed control. Fast advance and reverse are available. All-important parameters of the milling process like feed rate, milling depth, and spindle speed are adjustable on the touchscreen LCD. The spindle speed can be adjusted to different materials to achieve optimum surfaces. This machine is suitable for different sample shapes (cylindrical, mushroom-shaped, etc.) with diameters up to 60 mm. It can be fitted with a special cutter head with diamond or tungsten carbide tips. The clamping devices are available as optional accessories.

Running a small job on a big machine can be inefficient, and may even cut into profits. SPECTRAL MM 102 provides an economical solution for milling iron, steel, and stainless-steel samples up to 50 HRC and a max of 80 samples per shift in a compact package that is loaded with full-size features.

SPECTRAL MM 102 is perfect for small to medium size foundries or plants. And it’s a valuable addition for plants needing a “second-op” machine, or an additional sample milling machine where space is limited. It is equipped with the highest level of safety standards. Several safety circuits guarantee optimum protection for the operator. An electronic brake system is integrated into the system for rapid stopping of the milling head. The interlocking safety device does not allow the hood to be opened before the milling motor is stopped.

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