Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA)

Many materials change their thermomechanical properties during heating or cooling. For example, phase changes, sintering steps, or softening can occur in addition to thermal expansion.

Our TMA analyses can hereby provide valuable insight into the composition, structure, production conditions, or application possibilities for various materials. The application range of instruments for thermomechanical analysis extends from quality control to research and development. Typical domains include plastics and elastomers, paints and dyes, composite materials, adhesives, films and fibers, ceramics, glass, metals, and composite materials.

Our range of TMA includes:

  • Our TMA 402 F1 /F3 Hyperion® modular Concept with interchangeable furnaces (compatible with other NETZSCH instruments) for easy and cost-effective expansion and retrofitting.
  • The TMA 402 F3 Hyperion® Polymer Edition now offers not only to keep the force constant and to measure the length change but also to change the displacement and measure the corresponding force.

TMA measures these dimensional changes while allowing the sample to be subjected to an additional mechanical load (DIN 51005, ASTM E 831, ASTM D 696, and ASTM D 3386). This makes it possible to determine the thermal length change (with negligible mechanical load: dilatometry, DIN 51045) as well as the thermomechanical characteristics.

For measuring both the thermal and the mechanical properties, a thermomechanical analyzer (TMA) is used. Temperature-dependent dimensional changes in solids, liquids, and pastes determine the suitability of an application for a given material or provide information about the composition, structure, and conditions of processing.

Besides the linear thermal expansion and the coefficient of thermal expansion, TMA can also be used to study phase transition temperatures, sintering temperatures, shrinkage steps, glass transition temperatures, dilatometric softening points, volumetric expansion, density changes, delamination, and sintering kinetics.

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