Ultra-high-definition focused and whole-body PET

Our system can perform quantitative 3D functional imaging of PET tracers at < 0.6 mm resolution. This unique and multi-patented system allows for both focused and whole-body imaging of rodents, both in static and dynamic PET modes.

The U-PET system is the only one on the market capable of using prompt photons, enabling positron-range-free imaging of PET isotopes such as 124I, 76Br, and 82Rb, as well as simultaneous multi-isotope PET imaging of co-injected PET tracers at < 0.75 mm resolution. Thanks to the innovative detector principle, the detection of random photons is completely eliminated, the image degradations due to scattering photons are strongly suppressed, resulting in reduced image noise and bias. Excellent image quality can be obtained even with extremely low activity levels due to the capability to operate the system at 15% random-free sensitivity.

VECTor: simultaneous PET-SPECT

The U-PET system is at any time upgradeable with best-in-class SPECT to an integrated PET/SPECT system (“the VECTor platform”), allowing sub-mm imaging of PET and SPECT tracers separately or simultaneously with unprecedented spatial resolutions. The patented SPECT technology offers uniform resolution down to 0.13 mm ex vivo and 0.25 mm in vivo. The stationary detectors of the VECTor allow for fast PET and SPECT imaging in both focused and whole-body modes. It is the only system that can provide PET and SPECT images of co-injected tracers, registered in space and time.

Sub-mm high-energy theranostic imaging VECTor is the only system on the market suitable for quantitative sub-mm imaging of higher-energy radiotherapy and theranostic isotopes such as 131I, 188Re, 213Bi, 225Ac, 223Ra, and many others. This unique combination of advanced technologies earned MILabs the World Molecular Imaging Society’s (WMIS) 2018 Innovation of the Year award.

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