Verios 5 XHR SEM

Scanning electron microscopy characterization of nanomaterials with sub-nanometer resolution and high material contrast. Our Verios 5 XHR SEM offers subnanometer resolution over the full 1 keV to 30 keV energy range with excellent materials contrast.

Unprecedented levels of automation and ease of use make this performance accessible to users of any experience level.

Key Benefits

  • SmartAlign technology eliminates the need for any user alignments of the electron column.
  • Improve productivity and minimizes maintenance.
  • Elstar Schottky monochromated (UC+) FESEM technology, and performance with sub-nanometer resolution from 1 to 30 keV.
  • Low dose operation and optimal contrast selection.
  • Innovative electron optics.
  • Easy access to beam landing energies.
  • With a choice of two precise and stable piezo-driven stages.
  • High-resolution nanomaterial imaging with the UC+ monochromated electron source for sub-nanometer performance from 1-30 kV.
  • Greatly reduced time to nanoscale information for users with any experience level using the Elstar electron column featuring SmartAlign and FLASH technologies.
  • Consistent measurement results with ConstantPower lenses, electrostatic scanning, and a choice of two piezoelectric stages.
  • It is flexible for accessories with a large chamber.
  • Unattended SEM operation with Thermo Scientific AutoScript 4 Software, an optional Python-based application programming interface.

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