Water-cooled Vibration Test System

Our water-cooled vibration test system features a large force, high load-bearing capacity, and high cooling efficiency. This vibration system is able to accomplish the tri-axial sinusoidal vibration test, broad-band random vibration test, as well as the classical (semi-sinusoidal, trapezoidal, and post-peak sawtooth) pulse and shock response spectrum test.

Designed with a climate chamber, a range of environmental conditions can be simulated to realize various environmental tests. Various vibration tables are available to meet different application needs. The vibration-simulating test system comes with an excitation force range from 25kN to 600kN, and the load ranges from 300kg to 15000kg.

Model Selection Guide

Wide Frequency Range and High First-Order Resonance Frequency

The water-cooled vibration test system adopts high-strength aerospace composites. This will result in great improvement of the strength, stiffness, and first-order resonance frequency of the coil. Also, it allows our product to achieve an internationally advanced level.

High-Reliability and Energy-Efficient Excitation Coil

The excitation coil adopts a double-disk winding design to improve its manufacturability and reliability. By adopting of innovative design philosophy, its energy and heating power are enormously reduced.

High Water-Cooling Efficiency

The water-cooled vibration test system has remarkably improved its cooling effect, by employing new welding techniques as well as the innovative parallel cooling of both coil winding and internal-external short circuit rings.

Automatic Adjustment of the Armature Balance Position in Use of MPCS Device

The automatic centering system allows the armature to be always in a balanced position during movement. Then, a vibration test that requires the maximum displacement can be conducted smoothly.

High Bearing Capacity

A combined air spring supports the suspension system to improve its bearing capacity and also reduce ambient noise significantly.

Horizontal and Vertical Tests

The water-cooled vibration shaker with a slip table is ideal for use in horizontal and vertical vibration tests. It can be overturned conveniently by the adoption of a unique power-driven worm wheel and chain wheel.

Safety Properties

Our water-cooled vibration test system is made in compliance with European standard test requirements. Its power amplifier is equipped with an emergency stop button to cope with emergencies in time. It is compliant with the safety requirements of both American UL and CE standards.

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